Monday, September 14, 2015

Anderson's S I X Month Photos

My precious little Anderson had her six month photos done and I am so happy with how they turned out! It was hot out, but she was a trooper in this Arizona summer heat! Photos were taken by Sara Coral Photography.

Outfit details:

Our Outfits
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Anderson's Outfits

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The One With A Few Months...

I've tried so hard to keep up on these monthly things. It is just so hard though with everything I have had going on. People constantly in the house working here while I am trying to live and take care of a baby! Her nap times get messed up and so that means mommy has to be entertaining and not blogging. I am just going to put months 4-6 in this post. I will put the monthly photos as well as some that weren't posted other places! 

I L.O.V.E this little girl. 

\\ F O U R  M O N T H S // Anderson weighs a whopping 14 pounds and 45 ounces! I couldn't believe it but at the doctors appointment they measured you at 25 inches long! In the last month you have gotten so much more vocal. You love to talk, like your mama...well...and your daddy. Pretty much you were bound to be a talker! Your voice is so precious. You are ticklish in your armpits and we can almost get you to laugh. You do a little squeal and chuckle but not a full laugh yet. You are still a champion sleeper. You sleep 9-10 hours a night and you also take naps throughout the day. You smile 24/7. Probably the happiest baby I've ever seen. You do sometimes do a pouty face but it just makes mommy smile so it's definitely not a bother. I actually really enjoy it because I use to be a pretty good pouter (maybe not use to maybe I still am...) but I really enjoy that it's something you do because of my genetics. Everybody says you look just like daddy which makes me happy because daddy is goooood lookin!! You don't really cry ever but if you do it's kind of a yelling cry. It makes me giggle and so it's hard to take you seriously. Running errands could be your favorite thing to do. You get to nap on our way then you wake up and get to socialize with different people. You are starting to get a tooth. It's just a bud right now but it's coming! Teething hasn't been bad for you yet. You are almost able to roll over, but you need just a little help. You love to stand. If you could stand all day you would. You are so strong I barely need to help you except to help you keep your balance. You fully hold up your head yourself and your not even a bobble head! You're really good at crunches. You would think you've done crossfit for a very long time because you could do crunches all day erry day. You come to the gym with mommy and daddy pretty much five days a week so by one year old you are bound to be able to do a muscle up! You love daddy so much you just watch him intently until he looks your way and you get the biggest smile when he gives you his attention. Dad had his first hand-in-poop fiasco over this last month and he almost gagged. I got poop stuck in my nails twice this last month but it didn't phase me 👋🏻. You changed our lives for the better. Our life will never be the same, but we would never want it the way it was before now that we've had you. I've forgotten what it was like before you were here! Thanks for being the best baby in the world, my sidekick, my best friend and for being your happy little self! You'll never know how much I love you. Remember, I love you more!

This is when Anderson got dedicated at church, June 6, 2015.

This is the day we moved into our new house. You were such a fantastic moving buddy! You were pooped though when we were through!

Officially giving the keys to the renters of our first home. Such a bittersweet day! You lived in that house for the first 4 months of your life! 

Forgot to take a photo of you with daddy on his first Father's Day so dad went in for a selfie while you were sleeping.

With Grandpa on his first Grandpa's Day/Father's Day!

Your first wedding you attended! Colton & Jade!

\\ F I V E ☀️ M O N T H S // Anderson Layne weighs in at 14.6 ounces and is 26 inches long. You are such a social butterfly. You talk so much and you love making eye contact with people and talking to them. You will talk my ear off in your car seat while I drive you around to do errands You are just the happiest baby! You took your first swim in the pool and you love the water! You love it so much and you are so mesmerized by it. I love watching you enjoy yourself! You celebrated your first Father's Day with your great daddy and we had a blast! You got him a "rad dad" t-shirt because he's the raddest dad! You haven't had any teeth break through your gums yet but you are teething, that's for sure! We have had another crazy month and I remind myself every second how blessed we are to have a fantastic baby like you. You make everything so fun and so easy! We get told all the time how we have the happiest and easiest baby two parents could have. You have this smile you get when somebody tells you how adorable you are. Like you know exactly what they are talking about and it makes me laugh. You attended your first wedding (it was #coltonandjade 's beautiful wedding!) and you had a lot of fun! You are so close to sitting up on your own but just need to work a little on your balance. You still love your sleep. Starting on June 18th you've slept in your own room! You made an effortless transition. You rolled over for the first time from your back to your stomach on June 28th. Your first road trip was also that day and we drove to San Diego, CA. You had your first day at the beach as well and you loved the sand but your not a fan of cold water. Some may call you high maintenance but I call you smart. You also tried your first meal of rice cereal and you wanted more and more. I am looking forward to all the firsts we have ahead but I thank God for all the memories I have gotten with to share with you this far. I love you more!

First trip to San Diego for the Fourth!

This is what she does in the morning when she wants us to wake up. Instead of crying or getting upset she just talks to herself and for some reason she loves to use her binky to help!

First night in your own crib in your own room!

After your bottom two teeth popped through!!!

Thanks to the Ray's for this awesome gift she loves it and it makes getting ready in the morning 100% easier!

\\ S I X  M O N T H S // My little squish is 6 months old and I cannot believe it! You weigh 16 pounds and 7 ounces and are now 26.3 inches long! You can sit up for lengthy periods of time now! You only fall over if you reach for something and it gets you off balance or you look too far upwards that it also gets you off balance. You celebrated your first Fourth of July and you also celebrated your half birthday! You talk all the time but you haven't said your first word yet. You love when I say "ma-ma", it makes you smile from ear to ear. Speaking of which you are very good at smiling! You throw your smiles all around! You can roll around all over the room which makes me think crawling is very close! You sleep like mommy use to sometimes and it makes my heart melt. Mommy will post a photo so you can have it forever. Grandma and mommy have figured out you like to play dress up. You love Eko buddy and you just will stare at him, smile and coo while he just sits there in front of you. You have two teeth now, both bottom teeth. I think your top ones could be coming soon! You like most of your baby food, sweet potato and pear is your favorites but you do NOT like raspberry avocado. You gagged and shuttered on every bite. You recognize your name so well when mommy and daddy call you, you look to find where it came from. You're just starting to kind of play peek-a-boo and you also are learning how to wave. Mommy has been making you a playroom and can't wait for you to get to enjoy it! We know you'll love it! You still sleep like a champ. Mommy and daddy will take you to crossfit some mornings and you just sit in your stroller and watch everybody work out. I am convinced you love it. You have a few favorite toys but I would have to say your top is Mr. Penguin. In your last month you also went to your first Sabbath school and you absolutely loved all of it. The singing was your favorite though! Daddy and I love you so much and are so proud of how well you are growing and learning! Thanks for being one of our biggest blessings!

Grandpa and Anderson share birthdays. Kind of. Andy's birthday and Anderson's half-birthday!

Anderson's first Sabbath School!

"Look at these peasants!"