Monday, August 17, 2015

New Home Remodel Update!

I stink at blogging. That is just the reality. Being a stay at home mom is no easy task. With the projects I do, and keeping up with baby and house I feel like there is no time to blog. I need to start making time. I am in the process of figuring out so many things and getting things done and organized so I can hopefully blog regularly. I feel like my mind is always swirling with ideas. Wether it be a new project to do, or what business I could do that I would thoroughly enjoy and people would love I can't seem to get it all in order or decide. // I am so indecisive, it's unbelievable! \\ Here is what I am working on right now so you can get a little idea of why I have been so busy!

As you know we moved in to a new house about 2 months ago. We have been working on the stairs getting done since we moved in and that has been quite a project. It was done about halfway and then we figured out it was done incorrectly, so they start tomorrow to re-do the stairs and they should be done in about a week from then which is super exciting! Also nerve-racking though because once you've had a bad experience with something, it's like you can't take a deep breath till you see it is all complete how it is supposed to be. 

I have been working on Anderson's // and future kids \\ playroom for about 3 weeks or so now. It is a big project mostly because of the paint design I went for. Lets just say there was an easy simple option or a over-the-top awesome option and you all know which one I would pick given those two. I am ALMOST done, just have the ceiling to touch-up and then putting the all the furniture and accessories down! I am so very excited to show you all when I am finished. It seriously has taken so much time and I have put so much effort into it, I know it'll be worth it! Here is the before photo so you can get excited for the reveal! 

I have been getting quotes for getting our cabinets in the kitchen and around the house painted. This project will be costly as we have a ton of cabinets but it will be such a house-changing project at the same time. It is such a big piece to the vision I have for this house. I am in the middle of trying to figure out colors for sure. I know what I want, but it is making sure that it is my final answer. I am still figuring out a few design ideas for the bathrooms, and figuring out which shades to do, but I will be really excited once all the cabinets are how I dream them being! 

I have also been making some placemats for our tables. I have so many to do but I have only done two so far. I will be posting them and how to do them here soon as well. Super excited for them! With the playroom though I have been kind of slacking on this project but I know I will work on them hard once the playroom is all done.

We have also ordered some furniture that I am excited for. We get them at the end of this month! It is a bench for the dining room table and then two chairs for what we call the fireplace room which I think is technically the family room? I always get family room and living room mixed up but I think the living room has the TV and this one doesn't so I think it is family room. What do I know though right?!?

I also bought some really cool chairs for our nook table at a garage sale and I am so excited to vamp them up. I got 6 Pottery Barn chairs for $95! They are a little worn but I have some ideas to make them look awesome! 

Honestly, it gives me quite a bit of anxiety thinking of how many things I have "in process" right now but I think it's the good kind of anxiety that is because of excitement! I can't wait to post things and update you guys more in photos of everything but for now just stay tuned and try to remember that sometimes, greatness takes time. It will be worth the wait, I guarantee it!

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