Saturday, July 18, 2015

The One With the Second Month

I know I am so behind on posting these. In my defense, I've been extremely busy. With moving, having a baby, working two jobs kind of from home, keeping the house clean and the husband happy, to say I've been extremely busy is a understatement. This past week though was my first week not working anymore. I am officially a stay-at-home mom! My lifelong dream of my career is coming true! I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and now I fully am! It has been nice. I've gotten more things accomplished and been able to blog now twice in the past two days! Just cut me some slack on the last 5 months. I have so much to post so I will be playing catch up for a while. Here is Anderson's second month though! 

Anderson's first trip to target!

Rollerblading with mommy and daddy!

Anderson's first baby shower for her good friend Harlow!

Mondays can be tiring!

Hanging with Uncle Brad!

The model in daddy's office photo in person!

One of her first smiles that didn't occur while dreaming!

Andee with Henrietta

Anderson loves walks outside

These pictures are from her first day at church! It was March 14th!
On March 11, she slept her first full night!

She slept through the whole thing.

Here is Anderson's first trip to Sweet Tomatoes, mommy and daddy's favorite place to eat!

She fell asleep a lot at the end of her feeding while burping.

Her first Saint Patrick's Day!

\\ Above // She is sick with her first cold :(

She loves to hang with mommy and daddy in bed!

"Oh my lanta, you did what?!"


Anderson would almost always make her fingers into a gun while sleeping. 

Hanging at daddy's work again! Mommy and Anderson do that a lot!

This is the photo my mom sent me while watching Anderson when I was waiting to get my D&C.

Church again!

We went to church on the second day after my surgery. In the photo above is when I started to really not feel good. We went home and that's when we took my temperature and noticed something was wrong. Below is me in the ER waiting to hear what is wrong. 

I ended up having an infection of my uterine lining. It can occur after a D&C.

Anderson's cousins bathing her on her first Easter!

Cousins dressing her for Easter! I can't find a photo of her actually dressed on Easter, I will check if daddy has one. In my defense I was recovering from being in the ER and wasn't feeling that great!

Two month check-up!

She got 4 shots and drank one shot at her 2 month check-up! She cried while getting the shot but she stopped crying the second I picked her up. She handled them like a champ!

Going to mommy and daddy's workout!

Anderson loves furniture shopping with mom!

\\ T W O   M O N T H S // my little piglet! You now weigh 11 pounds 4 ounces and are 23.5 inches long! You're growing like a weed! What a wonderful baby you are! Dad and I were so blessed by you. Mommy has had a hard time with her health and has needed help taking care of herself and you, and you make it so easy! You sleep through the night like a champ. I have never seen a more happy baby. You smile so big and get a gleam in your eye that I hope never fades. You only do that sweet kissy noise about half the time with your bottle now but when you do it makes mommy smile. You are SO CLOSE to laughing. You have the want but you can't quite get the noise out. You enjoy shopping with your mommy. Going to visit daddy at work is your favorite thing to do though. Thank you for being such a wonderful and happy baby. We are truly two blessed parents and have had the best two months with you thus far! Can't wait for the many more to come! Watching you grow is our favorite, we think you're pretty awesome!

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