Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Name and A New Identity

Picking out a child's name is no piece of cake. Although, I wish it was because that would be tasty. I had a name picked out for our first girl and it was a surprise to Andrew. I told him I wouldn't tell him until we found out we were having a girl. When the gender reveal came around // you can see that here \\ I told him the name and we decided we would think about it. We had the boy name picked out, Anderson Joseph Augustyniak since I was 4 weeks pregnant. At four weeks pregnant I went to Urgent Care with a bladder infection it was 12:30am and we were waiting at the 24 hour pharmacy for some meds and the baby name book was in the car. We had found Anderson and the meaning was "Andrew's son" which works perfectly! It just happened to be that that is also my mom's maiden name and my grandma and grandpa's last name. In previous posts I have said how much my grandparents really have made a difference in my life. They mean so much to me and it made me want to use the name even more! When I told Andrew the name I had picked out for years and we decided to think on it, I then was like, "I am kind of bummed because I really liked all the meaning Anderson had. I wanted to use that name". We were like hm, can we use Anderson for a girl?!?! You betcha we can! Then we decided if we used Anderson for a girl we could call her Andee and that would then be after Andrew's dad who is Andy. We would be able to name our first born after both families now! Then it was time to pick out the middle name! Anderson is kind of a boyish name so we knew we needed something that sounded elegant and girly. We were in the parking lot at target then a few days after the gender reveal and we were talking about it and it came to me. Anderson Layne. My grandparents had bought 43 acres in Cle Elum, Washington before I was born, and our whole family lived on the same street. First house was my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Lisa, then it was our house, then My Aunt Darelene and Uncle Bill, Aunt Davie and Uncle Greg, my grandpa and grandma and then my great grandma and great grandpa. They named the street Anderson Lane in which all the Anderson family lived on. It was such a special thing to all of us. We always refer to our time with our cousins on Anderson Lane as like a club. I am pretty sure it's not common that cousins get the chance to be that close. We grew up on 43 acres that we got to roam and play on. It was so special. There's a brotherly, sisterly bond that we all share because of Anderson Lane and it has a special place in all of our hearts. 

We are going to Seattle on the 29th of April for a week and a half and we are so excited because we are going to take her to Anderson Lane. It is going to be so special to me! It could not be a more perfect name for such a special baby. 

I was sent a page from a book written by Dwight K. Nelson, The Chosen by a close family friend and it meant so much to me. Really made me feel more blessed for our special Anderson Layne. 

Here is that page from The Chosen by Dwight K. Nelson.

The Night You Were Chosen

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. 
Jer. 1:5 NIV.

     Have you ever wondered what it was like the night you were conceived? I hadn't, either until I came across a stunning description that biologists on this campus assure me is true for all of us. Your parents came together -- whether they stayed together, ever really got together, or were strangers doesn't change this incredible scenario for any of us -- and father deposited half a billion tiny male reproductive cells, or sperm, inside mother. That's right -- 500,000,000 sperm, each with the solitary mission to find the single ovum, mother's egg, and penetrate it. And only one of those sperm could make you you -- which meant that it had to "outswim" the 499,999,999 other sperm in that race for life!
     In the words of Anthony DeStefano: "Half a billion potential human beings, each one completely different from you, could have been born in place of you had not that one, unique sperm cell fertilized that one, unique ovum. In a very real sense, half a billion other potential human beings had to forgo life to make way for you." And then comes his stunning conclusion: "From a strictly statistical point of view, your presence on this planet is a miracle. At the very dawn of your life you had to overcome overwhelming odds --odds higher than any you will ever have to face in any other situation. No matter what you may think of yourself now, matter what ills may befall you in life, no matter what suffering you be forced to endure, no matter what family or money problems you may eventually have to face, it is imperative that you understand this: You came into this world as a champion" (Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, pp.167, 168).
     Do you know why? Because you were chosen! It is the shining truth of this new year -- God chose you. Any other reproductive cell combination, and we'd have gotten your sister instead! God chose you the night you were conceived. 
     And He has chose you now to make this uncharted journey with Him. "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord,' plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'" (Jer. 29:11, NIV). And when the One who chose us before we were born promises to journey with us all the days we live, can you imagine our destination!

Anderson, there are a few things I want you to always remember. One of those things is how special you are. God has chosen you. That right there will take you through life. You were chosen and you are so special to God. You are so special to your dad and I. As I watch you sleep right now, I realize once again, how much love I have for you. More than anything I have ever loved. To quote T-Swfit, "You are the best thing that's ever been mine.".

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