Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hello Anderson Layne Augustyniak!

So finally, 7 weeks after the birth, I am sitting down to write her birth story! This is my first child and so the experience was so new. I didn't have anything to compare it to and everything was a total surprise! Let's get started!

We had been going to our two-a-week appointments // Monday's were stress tests and Thursday's were ultrasounds \\ and we had an ultrasound on January 29th. When we walked in the ultrasound tech was like "You still haven't had the baby?!?" I was 39 weeks and 1 day, and I was ready to have her already. She made a joke that if my fluid was low she could send me right away to the hospital and I would have her today. We all kind of laughed and started looking on the ultrasound. Sure enough, her little joke turned into reality, and she told us we had to go straight to triage across the street at Chandler Regional. Not knowing the severity, we kept asking if we could go home and get our things first as we didn't have all of our stuff with us or fully packed at home either. We also all had busy crazy days at work and we were all saying before we got called back how we had so much to do and how hectic it was already. We asked if we could go back to work and finish a few things or anything and she said no that we had to go straight there it was very important to get checked out. We went over there, I was pretty nervous about our baby girl, I didn't want something bad to happen. We checked in and while we were waiting to be called back, I was on the phone with the airlines changing my grandparents buddy pass // Thanks Kathy for it! I was so happy my grandparents could be there, it meant the world to me! \\ Now, this all is happening on the day/weekend we didn't want it to happen just because of all the hurdles we would have to get over. 

Little back story: It was the weekend of the Super Bowl here which was Seahawks vs. Patriots, it was also the weekend of the PHX Open, and last but not least, our doctor was out of town. I had been trying to avoid that weekend but sure enough, God had other plans! We were worried about flying my grandparents down from Seattle, on Super Bowl weekend, on buddy passes...yeah right they would get on a flight! Andrew had plans to go to the open to finally see Tiger Woods after however many years he avoided this tournament. With all the complications I had, I wanted my doctor here. He knew everything from start to finish.

So I am on the phone with the person to change my grandparents flight and I tell them I need them to fly out today the 29th from Seattle to Phoenix. The guy laughed at me and said yeah right like there will be any open seats! I told him just to try and look anyways and sure enough there were a few on two different flights, one at 5 and one at 3! We picked the five and called my grandparents to quickly pack and head to the airport. I got called back to triage and only Andrew could come with me so we sent my mom home to get our stuff from our house even though she had no idea where things were and what we wanted. They got me a gown and decided they were going to pump me with two bags of fluid to see if it would make my amniotic fluid go up. At that point, we hadn't eaten lunch, it was 2 o'clock and they said it would take a little bit of time to get the fluid pumped in. By about 3-4 they came back to check it and it didn't change the amniotic fluid, so they were going to induce me. Baby Augustyniak was coming soon! I was so excited, but so scared. I didn't know what to expect at all! They got us a room which was nice and big, mom came back to the hospital with our things. She took my last bump photo and we waited for the doctor to come in and tell us how it was all going to go.

We had THEE COOLEST nurse that we just loved, funny thing was her name was Megan! My favorite movie is Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride 2 and the doctor in number 2 is named Megan! She was a complete blessing and we felt so comfortable in her hands! She also reminded us of our wedding/engagement/pregnancy photographer, Cami Takes Photos! We even facetimed them so they could meet! 

This is what our room looked like! They do everything in the same room, you labor and deliver here which is pretty cool! 

Yes, we did Cord Blood Banking and we highly recommend it!

About six o'clock they started inducing me. There is a three step process that they do. The first is a cream (Cervidil) that the rub around the cervix every 3 hours to make you dilate. I did not dilate with that after the first 3 hours so we went to the second one. Which is Miso, it is like a tampon with a long string, they put up near the cervix for 12 hours and at the end you'll hopefully be dilated. I had it in for about 5, and the baby wasn't reacting how they wanted so they took it out. While that was in, I started getting contractions every other minute going from 0-100 on the scale in which they rate the severity of the contraction. At this point though I was still not dilating and so they wouldn't give me the epidural yet. That went on for about 8 hours of contractions like that. It felt like eternity. It was the most foggy times in my life. Poor Andrew couldn't sleep at all either because every other minute I would be in excruciating pain. About halfway through those 8 hours I asked for something to help with the pain. They could give me this medicine that doesn't really help with the pain but makes you a little loopy so it pretty much was another few hours of pain and being confused in between. Finally, at 7 am the next morning they decided to give me the epidural. I always thought I would be so scared, but at the point it was like I buried my head into the nurses chest as she held me the anesthesiologist told me not to move. When he said that, I had a contraction a few seconds later and couldn't move or flinch through it which was so difficult! Instantly it was a game changer. I was much more relaxed. There was a part of my hip that didn't get numb on my back but we had me lay to the side and click the button on intervals of 15 until it drained there. We waited around all day and hung out with the family. 

Oh yeah, I was on oxygen most of the time.

Excited Grandma!

Right before I started pushing!

My brother, sisters & dad (haha) waiting for the good news that she is here!

Now, I know these photos aren't top notch, but they are the memory that count. My crying face might be on Kim K's status but whatever, this was such a moment of relief knowing she was okay. I spent 9 months worrying and praying so hard for her to be okay. If you didn't read my previous posts, we had many many complications. Subchorionic Hemorrhage that was there until 28 weeks, at 16 weeks we found her cord went into the side of the placenta instead of the middle so she was needed to watch for growth. Also at 16 weeks, my AFP was high (what they test for spina bifida), which put me more at risk for placental abruption, still birth and preeclampsia and a few other things. Her spine was fine when we checked so it wasn't because of that. With all that being said, you can understand why I had such a emotional moment. We made it. She made it. She was perfect.

Anderson Layne weighed 7 lbs 1 ounce (not captured in photo)

I did it!

Anderson's first selfie with her delivering doc, Dr. Swarup, the best nurse in all the land, Megan, and mommy & daddy!

Okay, now this is where it got scary. Looking through these photos of before, and the after this moment scares me. They make me anxious. Everything was fine, everything was normal, everything was by the books, exactly how it was planned. God knew though there was a different path we were about to take and thankfully, he prepared me, Andrew and the doctors to be able to handle it. After I was stitched up, our families had came in and they then went out as we were going to try feeding her and we told them they could come back in soon. That didn't really work out though because she wasn't quite sure how to suck on something. We had to feed her a bottle but then our wonderful nurse // thank goodness she kept checking me \\, noticed I was loosing a lot of blood, I was hemorrhaging. I don't really remember much, I remember feeling sick, either like I was going to pass out or throw up. I kept telling them something wasn't right. I remember looking at my husband who was peacefully holding our daughter and looked so relaxed. // Little did I know, he was not! \\ I had our nurse telling me it was going to be okay and to stay with them, the doctor pressing on my stomach and I could feel clots and gushes coming out. It wasn't stopping. I heard at one point the doctor say if it didn't stop we were going to be rushing to surgery. They had to put oxygen on me, and they had to pretty much do a D&C and scrape me out to make sure everything had came out that was supposed to. I got an injection to stop the bleeding and they informed me I would be taking four more doses orally over the next few hours. I was in shock and shivering and so they brought me warm blankets. I was so confused and scared of what just happened. The doctor reassured me that he only had been scared 5 times in his life, and this wasn't one of them. That made Andrew and I feel much better. 

Meanwhile, my family was out in the waiting room wondering what was taking so long. They knew it shouldn't have taken that long for us to try feeding. I asked the doctor if I could have my dad come in as I was scared and I also wanted him to come in to understand what had happened, and what we needed to do for a recovery at this point. I sent Andrew out to get him and without Andrew saying anything he just asked "Greg, can you come here?". So my dad followed him, which sent everybody else into immediate concern. My dad came in and heard what had happened, with tears in his eyes it of course made me tear up. I then asked if mom could come in because I knew she would be worried at this point. My dad left to go get her, and still without saying a word to anybody else, he asked for mom to come back with him. My mom was so concerned and immediately when our eyes met we started crying. She saw me with white blankets up to my chin and an oxygen mask she knew something bad had happened. She got the run down, and held my hand. They looked at Anderson for a few minutes and they agreed to bring us food back counting on I hadn't ate for over 24 hours. Dr. Swarup said we would maybe want to wait a few hours before everybody came in so we could relax and recoup, and so my parents went out to tell everybody what had happened and that they would go back to my parents house and wait for us to call them. 

Everybody went back to my parents house to wait for us to call that they could come to the hospital. They were all pretty worried over at the house. My best friend Kathleen and sister Chelsea were balling. Chelsea had seen one episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and the only one she saw was when a lady died after giving birth from hemorrhaging. Kathleen was very worried. Bailey and my grandparents were. Also, Andrew's parents were. We decided it was just such a long, emotionally draining experience, we were not going to have anybody come back that night we would just have everybody come in the morning. My parents brought us food and came to see the baby. We had an evening of nurses checking on me and then the next hour the baby and back and forth. We just soaked in the time as a family of three at this point and thanked God that he took care of us all through that expereince. 

As you will see, these next photos are me post hemorrhage, which means I was pumped with even more fluid than I had before or would get normally during a delivery. Andrew and i just laughed looking through these because we have never seen myself that swollen and in my defense it didn't look that bad in person!

These photos with my grandparents I will cherish forever. They are so special to me and to have them there was exactly what I wanted. I am so glad they were able to come down and be here for Anderson's birth. // In the next post I'll explain why it was even more important to me than just the fact that I love them so much! \\

My mom and dad decided that that is what their grandchildren will call them, G-ma and G-pa so when I saw this G-ma shirt I had to get it for her! They didn't have a G-pa shirt though. G-ma shirt found here at Slyfox Threads.

Grown up shirt from Hello Apparel

Life is pretty amazing shirt from Flybird similar here.

Car seat is the Orbit G3 Infant Car Seat

Now, there was a lot that was stressful, scary and tough about this whole journey. Being somebody who struggles with anxiety, the whole process of pregnancy and giving birth was petrifying. With all of the complications it made it even more. But honestly, if you would have asked me 2 years ago if I could have endured all of this, my answer would have been most definitely no and it would have sent me into a panic attack. I really handled it all without flinching really. Not like I use to be. With God, I have came so far. I did this. I overcame this. Every struggle or scary moment was all so worth it for this little blessing. My life has never been so happy, so full. I can't remember what life was like before her. She is so extremely special to her dad and I. We are blessed beyond words. 

Our lives changed for the better on January 30th, 2015 at 4:32pm when this life was brought into our world. Andee Layne weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 20.5 inches long. 

We are so thankful and so blessed. We give all the Glory to God as none of this would have been possible without Him.

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
-Psalms 139:13 &14