Sunday, January 18, 2015

The One With the Final Countdown

Duh, duh, dunnnnn! Final Countdown! We are currently about 2 weeks out from my due date, can we get an, oh my goodness! I obviously have a lot to update on here. Things have been so extremely busy. Starting at 32 weeks, we started our two a week visits at the OBs office. We go on Monday's for stress test, and appointments with our doctor! Thursdays are ultrasounds which I love because I get to see how our little baby is doing. Every ultrasound we try to see her cute little face, and we are not able to because she loves to have her little arm up across her face. She's also such a little pill. She got my genes that's for sure! She loves to kick the doppler, and she loves to kick the stress test machine not to mention that's her favorite time to get the hiccups. She was breech at 36 weeks, 4 days later flipped back around. 37 weeks breech again, and now just flipped back around again at almost 38 weeks. We are praying for a happy, healthy baby here within the next two weeks, but also praying for no c-sections! We had the baby shower and our wonderful maternity shoot with the amazing Cami Takes Photos at 36 weeks. I will be posting photos from those soon! Both were a total blast! We went off roading for the first time with Cami and her husband Brady for our photos and it was so much fun! I totally didn't think I would be doing that at 36 weeks, ever. I will hopefully be posting more often coming up once things settle down after the baby is here. I will finally have more time at home which I am so excited for! Anyways, here are the bump photos!

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