Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Little Taste

I have a tiny bit of time to update a tiny bit, this will be just a short little post, but I wanted to mention we had our first little taste of labor last night! It started about 11:58 p.m. after a long busy day, and we just had gotten ready for bed. I had been in some pain feeling like she dropped about an hour or so before that but then I realized I started to have pain that was reoccurring about every 5-7 minutes. Each contraction was lasting about 30 seconds, and all of this went on for the next 45 minutes or so and then it subsided. We then went to bed and figured it would wake us up if it was time. I couldn't help but worry though because I was worried I somehow would ignore it when I really needed to head to the hospital. I was also worried about our baby girl. 

At 16 weeks when we had the spina bifida scare, they said one of the things I am more at risk for is still birth. Which to me, would be one of the most terrible things to experience. Now that we are so close, part of me just wants to be like "okay, lets just schedule a c-section and get her out" so I know that I did my part and she is out and breathing. Another part of me was so excited that last night could of been the night we would get to meet her, and then again, I would know I did my part and she was here and that still birth didn't happen. Still birth really scares me. I have heard stories of how terrible it is. The poor mothers who have to deal with that, my prayers are constant for you. I can't fathom it. I pray everyday that we have a healthy baby girl. I had to go to sleep regardless though last night and I just put it in God's hands, knowing He knows what is best, and He has a plan. 

We are almost all ready for baby Augustyniak to get here, and man, am I excited or what?! I also cannot believe it's almost time. Life is going to completely change. It'll change for the better of course, but being the planner I am, I have no idea what to expect our new life will be like. As I am sitting here typing this, I just am in disbelief that things are going to be different around the Augustyniak Household. The love my husband and I are about to share for this little girl is unimaginable. I cannot wait to see my husband as a father, and to be so infatuated with this little human. I know that I will have a whole new level of attraction to him. A million questions go through my head daily: What will she look like? How big will she be? Will she have his nose or my nose? What color of hair? What about her eyes, will she get my husbands bright blue, or my brown eyes? Will she be a completely happy baby or will she have an attitude like her mama? // She can probably have both for I am happy...most of the time \\ How will our Eko buddy do with this new baby in our home? How will things change for Andrew and I? What about the extended family dynamic and how that will change for both sides? Goodness, I could go on and on about all the questions I have. This anticipation is killing me! 

We have 1 week and 3 days left till our due date. 1 week and 3 days I said!!!!!!!!! Crazy is an understatement. Last Monday I wasn't dilated at all, but baby girl was head down // Yippee! \\. Tomorrow is another appointment, and we will get to see if there was any progress made! I can't wait! This Thursday we measure the baby on ultrasound to see estimated weight and make sure she is growing how she should be! We have had these two-a-week appointments for 5 weeks now, and I really think it made things go by quicker! I don't complain one bit because I kind of enjoy the appointments! Each time I get to hear her heart beat, and find out if everything is going how it should be. The reassurance is exactly what I need with all the scares we have had with her. My week will be pretty busy, we have a lot going on in our lives not to mention here in AZ it's the Waste Management Phoenix Open and Tiger Woods is coming back to play after many years and the golfer in my husband is so so excited. We have had to be very tentative though about him going. He is planning on going, unless I go into labor. He is so excited. I wish I could go, but walking that much at this point seems like it's a definite no. We also have the Super Bowl here this weekend and my hometown Seahawks are in it! Hopefully, I don't go into labor while watching the game! We will have to see that's for sure! With how busy things are this weekend, I am really hoping I can skip giving birth this weekend for multiple reasons. Number one, my doctor is out of town this weekend. Imagine that! I really want him to be the one delivering her, especially because we've had so many complications, and I trust him, and his decisions. I really don't want somebody else. Now besides that, when I go into labor, we have a guest pass for my grandma and grandpa to fly down here on. Which would be no problem, except for the fact that they are in Seattle. So to catch a plane, with no ticket and just a guest pass, chances are...all flights will be booked. So between all of these things, I have a good idea that with my luck, baby Augustyniak will want to come this weekend. Better yet, probably right at kick off! // On the bright side I would get to watch the game while I am in labor which would be fun! What a Super Bowl party that would be! \\ 

We will see though what happens. My doctor said last week he would be surprised if I went before my due date. If he was a betting man he said he would bet it would be within the week after the due date. We shall see! Next time I blog will probably be after the baby is here. With that being said, here is the end to my last post before being a Mom! // Crazy to hear that! \\ P.S. I can't wait to finally be able to say what her name is, and to post photos of the nursery! AH! So soon! 

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