Sunday, October 11, 2015

Campground Playroom

I wanted to make Anderson \\ and future kids of ours // a playroom and I was racking my brain with what would be somewhat gender neutral. I wanted somewhere the kids would love to be in and hang out with friends, that was whimsical and felt like a page out of a story book. There are plenty of times that I dream up something in my mind but it doesn't become real life. This wasn't one of those times. It turned out to be everything I could of hoped it would be. I am so proud of what I created and am so excited to share it with you all! 

P.S. Before we get started, ALL of these photos were taken with my iPhone 6. Hopefully the quality is fine. I know it isn't as good as a nice camera but I couldn't get the lighting to not make the photo completely yellow toned.

These rattles mean a lot to me. Andrew's family has a tradition that they do, being from Poland, they will go up North here in July/August to go mushroom hunting. Then they will make a mushroom sauce that they put on pierogies. I couldn't do a camping room without one of the key finishes in this room!

Where to buy these products:

Picnic Table: Target
TV Stand: Ikea, but no longer available. It was black and I painted it with army green chalk paint.
Plush Fire pit: The Land of Nod
Racoon Throw Pillow: The Land of Nod
Bear Throw Pillow: The Land of Nod
Lantern: Ikea
Grass looking rug: Ikea
Fox Plush Toy: Ikea
Forest Blanket: Spearmint Love
Bear and Fox pillows: Hand painted by me, inspiration from Spearmint LoveSpearmint Love
Pennants: Happy CamperBaby Bear, Adventure no longer available.
Go Jump in the Lake Pillow & On Lake Time Pillow: Joss & Main
Curtains: Ikea
Deer Wall Art: Twigs and Twine
TV Stand Cubes: Target
Mushroom Rattles: Spearmint Love
Ground Mat inside Teepee: Target, cut down for size of teepee. Target for sheet set. Will be sewing it to fit mat better.
Strung Lights: Costco
Tent Print: Winsome Easel

Bear & Fox Pillows How-to:

I bought the pillow cases in a pack of 2 at Ikea for 2 or 3 dollars. Then I got regular Martha Stewart black paint that can go on many different surfaces. This is the Fabric Painting Medium that I mixed with the black paint. I was able to paint it on, I let it sit for 24 hours, then I lightly ironed the pillow case/paint (I put a plain old pillow case in between the iron and the painted pillow case to make sure it didn't melt the paint). After that, I washed them to see if it worked and sure enough, it did!

Painting was done by me with Lowes paints. Here are some photos of the progress of the painting so you can kind of get how I did it.


The walls were a light blue to start out with so first things first I needed to paint white because it was the the color in the middle of all the other colors for the mountains. 

I used a ruler and a box cutter to get straight edges on all of my mountains. I obviously did not need to paint all the way down to the ground with the grey but that is because you can end up with a paint line. I know you could end up sanding it so I just decided this plan would be easiest. 

Use frog tape. I felt like there were less mistakes with it and and less bleeding. 
Touch up paint alone took me more than two full days. So bring your patience when doing this. 
Biggest advice though is just to wing it and have fun. There was no rhyme or reason to where I had the mountains, or the shape of them. Just let your creativity flow!

Here is my inspiration for the walls...