Friday, October 31, 2014

DIY Laundry Room Sink

I have wanted a galvanized tub sink and a few months ago we made one ourselves \\ with help from Andrew's dad for the plumbing part //. It has taken me a while to post the photos of it all but I am so excited. I got the laundry sign today and so it was only fitting to post it all together! I had the laundry sign custom made by Jaxn Blvd and if you don't understand it on first glance, you should know it's a Friends reference. You know me and Andrew...we love Friends a little too much. This is the best video I could find of the scene on YouTube:

Back to the sink now! We got this vintage TV cabinet from Thriftiques, and I knew it was going to be perfect for my galvanized tub sink! The galvanized tub I got from Pottery Barn and of course the faucet is just from Home Depot. The custom "uh-oh the laundry's done" sign is from Jaxn Blvd. With all of these pieces and a pre-plumbed area for the sink, we needed help from somebody who knew plumbing. Luckily Andrew's dad knows how to do that and he said he would love to help us! Here are some photos of what we did and then you will see the finished product! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The One With 16 Weeks to 20 Weeks

As far as symptoms go, I've felt pretty great since about 13 weeks or so. I have had a few times where I have been a little nauseous since then, but nothing terrible. I feel pretty happy and all around I think a pretty pleasant time for me. Which is so wonderful, I am extremely blessed to have such an easy pregnancy as far as symptoms and how I feel go. I first felt her kick on August 18th which was two days short of 16 weeks, and Andrew felt her kick on August 28 which was 17 weeks! September 8th at 18 weeks, we saw her kicking! The pregnancy hasn't been the easiest ones though as far as complications. With complications, brings for a more emotional mom and a more emotional dad. We are so blessed for each moment we have had, and all the moments to come. We know the pregnancy is in God's hands, and He will take care of her. He has a path for her, and we are so lucky to be apart of it.

After these photos, we had our three week follow up on ultrasound and with Dr. Moore. It was a level 2 ultrasound, because of the subchorionic hemorrhage I have had since 5 and a half weeks. They were going to look at every little bit of her to make sure everything was looking good. The good news was, the clot is continuing to get smaller, every part of the baby looks awesome and is developing beautifully. They did notice that the cord connects to the placenta not in the middle where it is best for it to connect, but more along the side of it. They said this happens often, and that they will keep an eye on her growth. If for some reason it looks like she isn't continuing to get the nutrients she needs they will have to take her out early. I was a little concerned but because I work for a doctors office, I know they have to tell you the worst even though it doesn't mean it is going to happen. She has had no problem with growth or with developing so I felt pretty positive everything will be fine. We got a blood test for spina bifida as well and we would get the results for that later in the week. We already tested for down syndrome and chromosome 18 (I think, I can't remember for sure which one it was we tested for) and those results came back as great as they could!

Those photos were taken before the 19th week appointment. Let me tell you what had happened for this appointment to be scheduled. This photo was taken on a Monday morning, and the Thursday prior right before my lunch break I got a call about the spina bifida test. Well my AFP came back elevated which puts baby Augustyniak at a higher risk for spina bifida. They answered a few of my questions, but I still was an emotional wreck. They couldn't get me in with the specialist until Monday so I was going to have to wait out for my questions to be answered further. I kept thinking back about when they looked at the spine at the last ultrasound, they said it all looked great, maybe they didn't look hard enough? Maybe they missed something? It was going to be a long 3 and a half days. 

We went to church that weekend, and we talked to the Pastors and they prayed for us and the baby and that everything would be okay. We know God has a plan for her, and they reminded us of that. They also reminded us that whatever happens, is part of His plan, and that it will be nothing we can't handle if everything isn't cleared as fine. That helped the weekend go by a little bit better, thankfully and it was Monday time for the appointment. 

We went in and got a lot of our questions answered. I felt bad for the specialist who I have grown to really like. She felt so bad for having to tell me about all of this. She said after everything we've been going through with this pregnancy, that when she saw my tests results she was like, "why this patient? why her?!?". It made me feel like she really got how I was feeling, because I felt the same way. We did an ultrasound and they rechecked her spine, luckily, it all looked great again. They didn't notice anything wrong with it. Now remember, the test just tells probability of spina bifida, it doesn't say she has it. Well since the spine looked great they said they will keep checking it out, but it looks like everything will be fine. At birth they will definitely take a closer look and see if there is a mild case of it, and if so it is easily fixable. 

Of course I am thinking we are off the hook and everything is okay now after that scare, but not so fast George Banks! With the elevated AFP level there are multiple things other than spina bifida that can make it high. Apparently I have a few things going on // subchorionic hemorrhage, blood particles in uterus, and possibly a few others \\ that could be making that number higher. With that higher AFP, it puts me and baby at a higher risk for placenta abruption, preclampsia and still birth. I don't know about you, but still birth would probably be my worst nightmare. Hearing that of course then brought on some tears. I was reassured that it just means it puts me at a higher risk and not that it will actually happen. I feel pretty positive that we have been told higher risk a things in this pregnancy and baby Augustyniak has defied all odds so far so she can do it again with God on our side! The pregnancy is now considered high risk, so I go in once a week right now until the third trimester, then I start twice a week for them to keep an eye on her. I have to watch for movement, and any other symptoms that may come up. 

If this would of happened a year and a half ago, I probably would of been wrecked. Emotionally, physically. The amount of stress I would have had on me was ridiculous. Surprisingly though, I feel pretty at peace. I know God has a hand on her and I and that gives me all the comfort I need. I know whatever happens, He is there. As long as He is there, everything will be okay, even if it seems bad. I am so proud of myself and how far I've came. I am so happy that God knew I had to be at this point in my life to handle this. He didn't orchestrate it earlier, or later, He knew now was the perfect time. I thank God for His timing and not my own.

My Hope is In You- Aaron Shust