Sunday, August 31, 2014


I feel like I am so extremely busy it is so hard to get a chance to sit down and blog. We've been out of town 3 of the 4 last weekends, and the weeks are no piece of cake with work and all the new things happening there. We have been having a blast so that's all that matters! Last weekend we found out the sex of our little baby! It was so very exciting. I will be posting photos of the gender reveal soon, it just will take me a little to get to it. This is the most important though is to post the updated bump photos!

I feel like I am showing a lot, and people just keep coming up to me // that I know of course \\ and telling me I don't even look pregnant. Man, is that hard to hear! I want to look pregnant! Somebody explained their thoughts yesterday saying it's because it is all just in the belly there is nothing else about me that looks pregnant. I hope I start to show more on my belly though because I still don't think it's that noticeable based on people's comments. 

I have been feeling pretty good, definitely been having more energy but I do still want to fall asleep about 9:30-10:30 depends on what I am doing though. We got a new bed this week and it feels amazballs. It is a tempur-pedic and we got the adjustable base so we can sit up and watch TV effortlessly. It also helps a lot with my acid reflux, because we sleep with it slightly elevated. We have not wanted to do anything but lay in it everyday. We look forward to coming home and getting into bed. I will have to post photos! Anyways, back on how I am feeling, yes I feel great! Now that we know the sex of the baby, there is lots of shopping being done, and lots of plans for the nursery going into place. I am trying to get a bunch done I haven't gotten done because I know our due date will approach fast, especially with all the holidays in between. Maybe it's part of nesting, just making sure other things are also in order in the house so when baby comes we don't have to worry about much else. We will see what we accomplish this week!

Here are the updated bump photos!

The one with the 12th week:

The one with the 13th week:

The one with the 14th week:

The one with the 15th week:

Stay tuned for the next post, we will be revealing the sex of the baby!!!!!

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