Friday, June 13, 2014


Last week was the absolute most crazy week of my entire life. Let me take you on a little walk through my week last week. So we go to Sunday the 1st of June. That was my cousins bridal shower we through for her. There was a lot of planning and effort into it, the days leading up were busy with getting everything in order and all that jazz. We pulled it off and just were a little bit exhausted. 

Monday, June 2nd, was a normal work day, and then that night things went a little different. I was supposed to be at my moms getting things together for my cousin's wedding on the 8th but plans didn't work out and I ended up going home. Andrew was making food for the week and he was going to be cooking salmon in the house, but I absolutely HATE the smell of salmon, so since I was coming home I told him to cook it at our awesome neighbor Mike's house. They put it in the oven at 10:00 p.m. and we came back over and were hanging out at our house. At 10:22 I looked at the clock and I thought to myself, "I wonder if I should tell them to go over and get it, it's about time it's done. No, Andrew knows how long it cooks for". Three minutes later Andrew and Mike decided to head over to get it out and I started vacuuming the house // I know, I know...who vacuums at 10:30 at night? We had family coming into town so I wanted the dog hair gone, that's my excuse! // I was about to start vacuuming and I head flip flops running towards the front door, Andrew and Mike run in yelling, the house next door is on fire, grab buckets or a fire extinguisher, or anything we need to put it out! They grabbed a phone to call 911, and I ran to the backyard to grab our hose. I drug it through the house and handed it to Andrew, and then I got on the phone with 911. // A little background story, the house next door was about a month until it was finished being built. // The lady on the other end of the phone asked if anybody lived there, I stated that it was being built and nobody is living there yet. So she confirmed with me that nobody was in the house and that is when I said, "Well, my husband is in there trying to put it out right now." She told me quickly to get him out of there. I yelled at him, and he didn't hear me and our neighbor Mike went to run and get him. He got out of there just in time as glass started shattering and the fire tripled in size. Luckily, at that time the firefighters showed up and started their wonderful job that they are so amazing at. All this being said, we were outside with the firefighters and police till 2:00 a.m.! I was EXHAUSTED to say the least. It was so emotionally draining because for about 10 minutes we weren't sure if our house was going to catch on fire as well. Our dog was outside in our backyard, it was just shear panic. Then after those 10 minutes what happened set in. Trying to figure out how it caught on fire, why would that happen, how blessed we were that we were cooking salmon at the neighbors or we wouldn't of caught it. A million thoughts going through our minds. Right from the get go, we were pretty sure it was arson. The cops came and told us after that they found a bottle of coke and jack in the back near where the fire started so we are pretty sure that some teenagers thought it would be a fantastic idea to start a fire. We probably caught it after a minute or two of it being started so we were definitely blessed. It so easily could of been a different story which we would of consisted of us not knowing until our backs were on fire while we were sleeping. I have attached some photos so you can see it all going on. It's harder to see in detail because it was dark outside, but you get the idea! I barely slept because I was so worried they would start the fire again and we wouldn't know. It is a scary thing to thing there are bad people out there that purposely would set a fire on a house that is right next door to another house where people are living there. Not to mention how terrible it is that the people that are supposed to move in there in a month, won't be. Who knows what will happen now because it all depends on how long insurance takes and all of that stuff. The house is pretty much toast at this point and will need to be knocked down and restarted.

Tuesday night was the bachelor party for Josh, my cousin Kylie's fiancé that we attended. It was a WNBA game and after they surprised them with him being able to play on the court with all of his friends! It was so meaningful and Andrew had a blast too! Something we will all always remember!

Wednesday night was Kylie's bachelorette party that me, her sister, and my mom through her. Lots of planning but it turned out great! We blindfolded her and took her to my house where we had my husband be chief in the "indian tribe" and we made her the new squaw. It was pretty awesome and we all had a good laugh.

And now to Thursday. We had more family come into town, and we prepared for the wedding.

Friday we had about 35-40 people at my moms house to watch them open presents and have a worship together. 

Saturday was preparing more for the wedding, then having rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and decorating for the wedding. 

Finally, Sunday came around and it was time for the wedding. It was so beautiful! It was such a blast. And it was a very emotional wedding just like we all anticipated it being. 

Pretty much I am not use to all of this stuff in one week, and not much sleep. I am use to relaxing and not doing too much after work in order to prepare for the next day and all that I have to do. It was just so exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. After we made it through that week, it was one of those things you will look back on and be like wow, that was only a week? All those events, in that amount of time!?! I found myself listening to the radio with my cousin Ashley when our song came on the radio. It helped me get through my wedding planning, and once again, it keeps me going when I need that extra push to make myself feel confident about myself. I am sure you've heard this song, but please enjoy. I have prevailed, and I will continue to prevail, even though this was such a draining week. 


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