Saturday, May 10, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

I made this chandelier when we were planning our wedding. All the chandelier's that were options to rent were ridiculously priced for just renting it. Why rent when I can buy our own to re-use in our house after our wedding? // That was my thinking most of the time during wedding planning. // Actually, why buy one when I can make one?!? I bought this antique hanging planter box at the antique store I shop at on the daily… Thriftiques. I got mason jars from Sears // cheapest I have found // and bought all the electrical stuff from Ikea. This is an idea I came up with myself, so making it was kind of difficult trying to think through how it'll all work. I really was trying to make it as efficiently as possible, and make it look as best as possible. I had to get the ropes from Home Depot to complete my look so you couldn't see all the cords above the planter box. I love the finished look. Both for the wedding and in our home, it is such a conversation piece. 

I am going to put a how to up here, but I would definitely make one of these if anybody wanted one but didn't want to make it themselves. The only problem is the planter box is not sold anymore. I've tried to find something like it, but haven't gotten to find that yet. One alternative that I have found is a bucket with the mason jars hanging from it. It would probably somewhat resemble Mason Jar in a Basket // Pendant Light // that I created except I would probably have the lights hanging out a little more in a closed basket. Anyways there is so many different options, be sure to email me or contact me if there is something I can gladly do for you!


  1. Planter Box
  2. HEMMA Cord Set from Ikea (I used 12)
  3. Mason Jars (12)

Here are some tools I used other than the main parts. I also used scissors to do finishing cuts on the rope and I bought a extension cord to plug the power stripes into. P.S. Don't forget to use this tutorial DIY Mason Jar Light from Home is What You Make It in order to set up the mason jar lights to work! 

This is what my planter box looked like right after I purchased it.


You can see that every other rope goes in opposite. When one starts over then under, the next starts under then over.

Once I figured out the lengths of the ropes having this pattern, I pre-cut the rest of the ropes using the _______.

This is my progress as I fed the rope over and under the bars. I installed a wood piece up top between the planters so that the cords could wrap around it to hold the cords at the specific length. I put the power strip up there to plug in the lights. As I got to each spot to put the light in I would install a row of three and then continue with the ropes. 


Once the rope was done being installed, I then made sure all the lights worked properly.

Of course, then there were ends of the ropes sticking out that I had to cut out. I used my scissors to cut them at the right length.

Here is the finished product!!! // My husband and his dad stripped the power cord so that we could hook it up to the light switch. //

It is hung in my dinning room and totally makes the whole room come together.

Here it was used at our wedding!

To see more photos from our wedding, see these posts:

Please note: I may not be the most electrically smart person in the world, so make this at your own risk. Please do necessary things in order to keep your home safe from fires. This may work for me, but it might not work for you.

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