Sunday, April 6, 2014

Speak Life

The power of a word is unrecognized most of the time. People don't understand what one word can do to a person. You can build somebody up with one word, one sentence. You can tear somebody down with one word, one sentence. You can change somebody's life for the better or you can complete destroy somebody's life. You have the ability to change a person's day for the better or for the worse. At the end of the day when I am talking to my husband about how my day was, I am somebody that gets totally excited when a person gave me a compliment, but I also get so down on myself when somebody yells at me, or said something negative to me. If we have the power to make someone's day better, or a difference in their life, why don't we take that? Too many times people choose to ruin the day of somebody else. Either they are insecure and want to belittle somebody who looks more secure, or they are unhappy with their day and just take it out on everybody they see. There are so many reason's people tear others down, but let's think about if we built somebody up. What if we had the ability to only speak hope, to speak love and to speak life?

I challenge you next time you are at the grocery store, to stop for a second and pick up a magazine that appeals to you. Flip through it, notice how many negative things are written in there. How many negative things are publicly shared about a person. Then think about the possibility of it being true. I think it's fair to say 90% of those magazine articles are untrue. What if the editor of those magazines only spoke life? What if they only spoke the positive things about all those people, the truthful things about those people. Where would you think we would be? What would life be like? Nobody bashing the Kardashians. Nobody calling Miley Cyrus crazy. I think I would be just as much or more interested in a magazine speaking the positives of people, or the truth about people. It doesn't mean we can't be interested in the magazines, //I still read them// but I always say to take everything from those magazine's with a grain of salt. You never really know what is true or not. Those magazines are there for people to flip through and judge the people they see in there. Isn't that just terrible? It teaches us to judge the people we are associated with on a daily basis just like that. As if we were flipping through a magazine and needed to evaluate every little thing somebody does. What if we didn't judge people for actions, or words they said? You really don't know a person until you walk in their shoes. I mean until you really walk in their shoes. If you saw every second of their life through their eyes, and felt every single thing they have felt, I would think it would be safe to say you could judge what they do. Life is full of judgmental people. The world is full of people thinking they can tell you how to live, or who you are, or what you should be. Why not speak life into somebody. Why not speak hope? Why not speak love? 

After flipping through that one magazine, I challenge you to pick up another one and question every article, question every word. Imagine defending these people. What would be your main argument?  That the editor or the writers of these articles don't actually know these people so how could they really judge them for being the way they are? He/she has not walked in that person's shoes. Don't judge them on what they do, or tear them down by your words. Take every single moment with a grain of salt. Practice rebutting every article with a positive comment about that person. I encourage you this week to speak life to somebody. Give them hope. Be the person that everybody would want as a friend. Somebody that will support them and love them for who they are. Don't scream or yell at somebody and tell them negative, belittling things. Build them up. Tell them what a great job they are doing. Compliment them. Be their rock for them to stand on when they are sinking through the sand. Although a negative comment can ruin somebody's life, a positive one can completely change it for the better. You can be responsible for the turning point in their life. Most of all, you can show others how to be Christlike. I guarantee you can change the world. 

Speak hope. Speak love. Speak life.

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