Sunday, April 13, 2014

Projects Out the Wazoo

It is an early Sunday morning and I am sitting here, ready to blog, eating a delicious cinnamon roll…yum. I was trying to think about what I will blog about today, I feel like there is so much going on. I figured I will let you know about all the projects Andrew and I have been up to! Now that the wedding planning is over, we have had more time to spruce up the house! Which I love. I have decided I would love to be an interior decorator. I have a few jobs I am working on with different people, helping out, getting together a portfolio. It totally makes me happy to be able to put stuff together and create a home! Andrew and I are having fun and are so proud of what we've been doing. We are in talks with a few different window treatment companies for either roman shades or wood shutters, //haven't decided yet// and so that is an ongoing project at this point. BUT we did order custom drapery from Drape Style that we will be hanging in the living room and dining room. I just received them on Friday and I CANNOT wait to hang them up! The only problem is I don't know when I will be able to convince Andrew to hang them up in the next few days. He is funny when it comes to projects. He works all week, so do I, but he has a hard time doing projects on the weekend because it feels like work to him. I on the other hand get stress relieved, find it relaxing, and it makes me happy to be using my creativity. It takes a little bit of time to push him to help me out, //I wish I didn't need anybody's help, but sometimes you need a man to help, which is perfectly okay!//. Usually the first hour or so of the project he isn't in the best mood, I just laugh, because what is there to do other than that? I know he gets happy right when we start seeing it come together, so I just hold on for the ride.

See, I feel like I won't be getting the drapes out of him till next weekend because yesterday we did two projects. One was simpler than the other thats for sure. I will definitely be telling you guys what we are up to when we are done. This project is probably the toughest one I came up with so far. We had to call for backup and have Andy (Andrew's dad) come help us. We probably got about halfway done yesterday. It is going to be so hard for me to just leave it there halfway done! I always am for just pushing through and finishing! I do know this project is a lengthy one. Andrew's mom Stella and I were laughing about it yesterday, she said that people have got to watch out for me because I am an "inventor". Perfect way to describe me right there. Here is a little hint of a product we are using for this project. 

It's an old TV cabinet which I absolutely love. It is such a unique piece!

The other project we worked on yesterday was hanging these mirrors from Ikea in our hallway. //At this point I have now ventured off by making myself two pancakes, and these taste delicious too, not as great as the cinnamon roll but hey, not to shabby//. 
Here's a little look at how it looks now! 

Our Sweet Eko wanted to be caught on camera with the new addition!

Okay, so like the title of this blog, I am telling you, projects out the wazoo… here is one we finished this last week. I am so excited about this one, for I have company staying with me in the next 8 weeks because of my cousins wedding. I needed to make them have a nice relaxing space to rest their heads over here at Andrew & Brittany's Bed n' Breakfast. 

Remember that wood board I created for my bridal shower? You can see it here! It was the backdrop for the ice cream parlour station and while making it I wanted to make it for something I can use later, not where I will just waste it after I use it on that one day for 3 short hours. So I made it so that it could be used later as a headboard! There are a few photos of how it was done on the bridal shower blog post, but I didn't mention what we used for attaching it. We screwed screws into some 1x4's to attach all four pieces of wood from behind. When we went to install it as a headboard we purchased a 2x4 and cut that in half. Measured where we needed the 2x4's so that the screws could fit into the bed frame holes and then screwed that in!

We ordered some new bedding from Target, //buy it here: Duvet & ShamsBedskirtSheet Set// went to my favorite antique shop, Thriftiques for the dresser and bedside tables, and lastly went to Ikea for the curtains! //Find the exact ones here: Lace & Grey//. This is what all of those things together create!

The mustache pillow and the vintage tray is also from Thriftiques. //I am pretty sure most of my shopping is done there…guilty!//

We also have hung up my bouquet I got back from being preserved with Floral Keepsakes. It is in my dinging room and I just love all the memories it brings back.

P.S. I really wish this window wasn't blown out, but I don't care to wait till later in the day to show you what we did…so deal with it!

With all of those projects completed so far, //and many more to come//, I am so proud of what we have accomplished thus far. I am so proud of how it's turning out, and all the things we have done ourselves. It brings so much pride to be able to have a vision and to actually create it. We are so blessed to be where we are and to be able to do these projects. I am looking forward to my upcoming projects and I cannot wait to share them with you! 

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