Thursday, April 24, 2014

Par-tay Like Your 74!

As this work week comes to a close, // almost, just Friday left so it counts, okay // today is a very special day! It is my grandma's birthday! She turns 74 today! I am so extremely blessed to have her as my grandma. 

This is us at the reception of our wedding with my wonderful grandparents. I just love them so much!

This is a throwback to a few years back. One of my favorite (and very few) selfies I have taken!

It seems that every day that goes by, I get closer and closer to this wonderful lady. I find myself to be so much like her the more I learn about her. Her stories are always the best. I call her every morning on my way to work and she just listens about what I have to say. I think the whole world should have a grandma like her. She is where I got my craftiness from. And my drive. And the wonderful quality of being a perfectionist! She has defied the odds, and set an example that you can always change your future to be what you want it to be, regardless of what life throws at you. Every conversation I have with her she says something profound and I just think she is such an amazing little lady. I could go on and on about how special she is and what she means to me. She is the definition of selfless.

Yesterday, I asked her if she was excited for her birthday! Most people when they get older say they dread their birthday, and that they don't want to turn another year older. My grandma surprised me like she always does and said "I am very excited! I am so blessed that God gave me another year, and I am very excited for turning 75 in year, thats a big year!". I want to always be excited for birthday's like that. There is nothing wrong with turning another year older because you are another year wiser, and you have gotten another year to live and experience life. How could you not be excited about that?! You can't change it, so why don't you just choose to enjoy it!

My grandma is the woman I want to be. She is a saint. She is such a fantastic example of a Christ-like person. She would give everything she has to make her children, grandchildren, and even a stranger, happy and feeling more loved than they have ever felt before. Although she hasn't had a perfect life, she may have had more rough patches than many, but she has came out on top. She has learned from those lessons and chose to have a "perfect" life. She couldn't be a better example of what my post was last week. // If you didn't read it, it's right here! // She has a story. It has rough patches, it is real, it shows what it's like to be human, but most of all it turns out to be a perfect life. Perfect not meaning that there are no flaws, but that it she ended up defining every odd, and coming out on top when it didn't look like she could. In her every move, her every word, you can see God in her. I strive to be that way. I pray that God works in me and let's every person that sees me , sees God, and that they see what He can do in a person's life. That is what a perfect life is. It isn't something you can show off on Instagram or Facebook, those aren't going to be what people remember you by. They are going to remember how you lived your life. She has enjoyed every second of life, and is so happy, no matter the situation. 

Life is something that has ups and downs, you can't avoid that. The great thing though is you have a choice to be happy. It's your choice to learn from lessons instead of just "make mistakes" and be stuck in your ways. I can honestly say I have never made a mistake in my life, or regretted anything. I learn from lessons, I don't make mistakes. Is that pretty bold to say? // no pun intended…well maybe a little haha //

Life is way too short to waste it unhappy, or feeling all like "oh, woah is me". I want to make the choice to be happy. Not saying I won't be real, or that I won't ever be sad, frustrated or cry. I will choose to learn from lessons, and have a life that is perfect in the way that I made it that way. In a way that I know God made it that way by walking with me every step of the way.

My grandma has told me "grow where you are planted." and I will never forget that. I am a very literal person, so when I hear/read that quote, this is what I think. Me, standing in a field, I am not a weed, but I am a green plant. Nothing really special about it. I realize that I can't really change my roots or where I am at but I do have control of blooming and turning into a beautiful flower in the spot that I am in. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, but you can always make it greener on the side you are already on by giving it exactly what it needs to flourish. For me to flourish, I need God. I need to walk with Him, and always strive to let people see Him in me.

- Grow where you are planted. -

And don't forget these two things:
1. Let them see You in me
2. Be HAPPY.


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