Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everyone Has a Story

As I start writing tonight, my eyes are heavy and I can feel they are ready to rest for the night. I have a need to write tonight, and I know it'll be worth it in the long run. Pleaseeeeee let it be worth it. 

Today I woke up for some reason feeling like it was going to be a great day, not because of what will happen in a "positive" manor but because of a feeling that something moving was going to happen today. I felt this as I was getting dressed this morning, and I was like "Hm, what should I wear…" and I chose one of my favorite shirts. Not because of how it fits, or the color it is, but the meaning it has behind it.

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As my day went on it became more and more apparent that this day was going to be meaningful. Right before I got to work I got a Facebook message from an old friend from my private school that I went to growing up. To keep this short and sweet, she left such a beautiful message to me expressing that she read all of my blog posts and was so moved by my story and about how she could see I have a genuine love for God. If that isn't one of the best compliments you can get, I do not know what is! She also mentioned that she saw a side to me that she never saw before, a completely vulnerable person. Somebody with struggles just like her.

My day continued and I had a typical busy day at work, I rushed to get out to run errands that I needed to and then make it to my counselor appointment on time. We had a really big day in there for me, where I took a giant leap to be closer to where I want to be. It was definitely an emotional leap. During this appointment, I had a thought, and I knew right away, there is a reason for this thought…I must blog about it today! // hence why it is 12am and I am up typing instead of sleeping, it is a must. // 

Every single person has a story, unique to themselves. Like every finger print in the whole world is different, every story is different. No two stories are identical. It could be a story of struggle, a story of joy, a story of strength; whatever it may be, there is a story to be told. Sadly, most of the time we don't ever get to hear each others' story. We don't get to sit down and hear everything a person has been through, or everything a person has seen. I don't know if it is just me, but I find that so intriguing. I find myself asking in-depth questions to people about their lives and how they got there just because I want to know what makes each person tick. // Okay, back to the point… // with social media the way it is now days, we get a different story from people. We get a story that maybe looks good in pictures, but really isn't as "perfect" looking when you actually jump into the photo. We can say what we want, and create a look that may be completely different from what is real

I have started to practice being as real as I can. Truly being a real person. With faults, negativity, self-doubt, lack of confidence, sin, you name it, I've got it. Just like every human being. I feel like sometimes our world forgets that. That we are all not perfect. We can maybe post photos like we are, or post a status saying how fantastic our day was, but more times than none, it may be just you showing what you want people to perceive but not what is real

A few weeks ago, I had somebody comment on one of my photos on Instagram saying my life is perfect and that she was so jealous of it. That struck me to the core. If there is one thing I do not want, it is for my life to look like it's perfect. It's not. Nobody's is. I want to be a person that oozes confidence that I am perfectly fine being exactly who I am. Flaws and all. I want to embrace the flaws. I want to be so proud of my flaws that I can shout them from roof tops. 

That photo I posted up there of my shirt. What do you think of it at first glance? Does it look perfect? // I wish you could see my idea of how I wanted to take that photo. With my wonderful skills, I totally couldn't capture it…so this is what I ended up with. I am embracing it though! // It might look creative, artsy and meaningful. Let me let you in on a little secret though about this photo because it is not all you think it is. What's the secret?

I am not wearing pants in this photo. Could you as a outsider looking in guess that? Would you ever think that that was the case? Probably not. And my point is made. We need to not place people on pedestals, or think that they are perfect or that they have a perfect life. I am 100% sure, 100% of the time, a person's life is not perfect. Not one person in the world. Not the richest man in the world, not even Kim Kardashian. I might have some nice things shown in the photo, or some fun things that I am doing in them, but that doesn't define my life as perfect, let alone make my story perfect. I am human, just like you.

Next time you see a photo on Facebook or Instagram, please look beyond the photo. Really look into the photo. Remember that that person's life ins't flawless like it looks at first glance. Don't get down on yourself that your life isn't as perfect as hers. Or that you don't look like how she does. Next time you like a photo, remember to not compare yourself to them, and remember that they are human too. 

I ask God to continuing writing His story on my heart.

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