Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Year in Our Home

Boy, has this last year has flown by or what?!? Two weekends ago it marked our one year since we have been living in our home. That is just nuts to think it's been a whole year! Of course, we did do a lot within that year so I know why it flew // engaged, moved in, and planned and had a wedding! \\ I hope time goes a little slower now though so I can stop and smell the roses! 

Since it's been a year, I only think it is right to post some photos of a follow up of how our house looks now, a year later. See what it looked like last year shortly after moving in right here and what it looked like at move in here. Let me remind you, there aren't too many drastic improvements because we were paying for a wedding partially ourselves so we weren't able to invest in home goods as much as we would of liked. We are so blessed to have gotten to live in this house for the past year. We have had so many wonderful memories already, and I cannot wait for even more we will share here! I hope your house makes you as happy as mine makes me! 

This little section of the living room is styled by Target! I scored awesome deals on these accent chairs and I just loved using the different patterned pillows on them!

Check out how to get pendant lights like these here!

This is our dinning room. // Obviously it's only available for a intimate dinner party of two // Check out the chandelier I made! We featured it in our wedding here!

We have some new projects coming our way! Window treatments are next up on our list of improvements. This last weekend we just installed fans with light kits in all the rooms needing them! Slowly but surely we are adding to it and making it look more homey! I have a whole bunch of things to hang on the walls, but I haven't decided where I want them or if I will get anything else to go with it which is making it hard to decide where to hang things or just wait until I know exactly what I am doing. I am so proud of each addition we have made with our house and it just makes me want to continue adding new things! 

Addendum: Here is a DIY for the Mason Jar Chandelier I created for our wedding to after be used in our dinning room // pictured above // DIY Mason Jar Chandelier.

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