Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wow was 2013 a great year! I cannot stress enough how blessed Andrew and I were this year and how unbelievably lucky we were to have done all we did. We finished building our home in March, got engaged in March and then moved into our home! We got Andrew a nice new car, we got married in November, were both successful in our jobs. Not to mention with a lot of hard work, I was able to get over so many fears and become so much stronger as an individual, which to me is my greatest achievement thus far.

As I reflect on this year and see all these wonderful things we were blessed with being able to achieve, I cannot help but have hard time believing we were able to do this at the age of 21 & 25. That makes us even more blessed. I know we would be no where without God. He truly has provided for us and taken care of us in 2013. I cannot be any more thankful for who I have become as a woman, as a fiance, as a wife, and most of all as a best friend. 

With a heavy heart, I say bye to 2013, but I am so looking forward another year of improvement, fun, and foreveries. 

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