Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Look Back

Wow what a crazy last two months. I am going to list the major events in my last two months so that I forever remember how crazy life was around this time. On November 24, 2013 I got married to my best friend! Within the next 5 weeks, we would have a honeymoon, Thanksgiving, my sisters Bridal shower, Christmas, I got strep throat, and then my sisters wedding. That was purely 5 weeks of crazy. New years hit and by the following Friday after my sister's wedding, I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. That makes 6 weeks of crazy! Don't forget that is all in the first 6 weeks of crazy married life! He already had to take care of me for being sick and in pain twice in 6 weeks! My surgery went really well though and I was up doing laundry and cleaning the first two days following surgery. I then ended up with dry sockets by Sunday without knowing it and didn't go in to the doctor till Tuesday. I thought the pain was normal till I really didn't think I could handle it anymore because FYI pain meds do not help with dry sockets AT ALL! Dry sockets are probably the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Including when you go to the doctor and they fill the holes with a type of disintegrating gauze wrapped in cloves. Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE pain. I went Tuesday morning and they did the bottom right and told me if the other one starts hurting to come in again. Welp, about an hour later the left side was in some pain and I went back in 2 hours later and they did the same procedure. Let me tell you, it was even more painful knowing what I was going in their to get done! By 6 that evening, the pain had came back in my right side, and I made an appointment to be there first thing in the morning. They had to redo the right side because some how it stopped working. Moral of this story, Wisdom teeth surgery itself is a piece of cake but those dry sockets are nothing close to a cherry on top. The great thing is, I survived! This has probably been the craziest 7 weeks of my life. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. I am so lucky I got to get married so close to my sister and that we could both experience married life in 2013. I cannot believe I conquered one of my biggest fears...wisdom teeth extractions. I was always so afraid of it because I saw so many terrible experiences. Even though my experience of the actually surgery was good, I would say the over all experience including the dry sockets was definitely a terrible time, BUT I DID IT! At this point, I am so sick of eating Mac n' Cheese, oatmeal, and soups. I am so ready to eat normal food. Until next week at least, I get to continue on this gross diet that I am not the biggest fan of. Again though, I did it. 

The things I have been able to handle since getting a handle on my anxiety is mind blowing. These things a year ago I would of told you there was no chance I could do any of it. I am doing these things with flying colors, and I could not surprise myself more. If anybody knows the feeling of surprising yourself on what you think you can't do, but then you do it, you know it is such a wonderful feeling of achievement. I thank God every day for the blessings He has given me. For having His hand to walk with me through the toughest time in my life. For him putting just the right people in my life during that time to help me through, and make such a difference in my life. The way I lived everyday was completely changed. I am so grateful for the strength I was given that has gotten me through anxiety and I continue to amaze myself everyday. I will forever try to help as many people as possible, wether it be somebody struggling with anxiety or someone needing help planning their wedding. I know how it feels to struggle and feeling like you are barely making it by in life. The great news I have for you though is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO STRUGGLE! Life doesn't have to be like that. My last 7 weeks were completely nuts, but I wouldn't want one thing different. I am reminded by Mandisa, that I am an overcomer and you are too.

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