Saturday, November 29, 2014

The One With 9 Whole Weeks

Okay, I know I've been MIA. But I swear, I have a good excuse! Things got busy. Too busy. To catch you up real quick, we finally found somebody to hire to replace me // she doesn't start till mid-December to start training, but hey, what a big weight lifted! \\ after countless interviews. We've been chipping away at our "Before Baby Arrives" to-do list which has resulted in many home projects, an almost finished nursery and a happy mama. I have my billing test next week again, hopefully I will be passing this time, as I do not want to have to take it with a newborn. Say a prayer for me! I had to do Christmas cards, and baby shower invites, in which we took the photo, ordered both cards and got out within a week. Weekly appointments still with the doctor to check on how baby is doing. Which leads me to the next kind of quick topic...

At 28 weeks we had the specialist ultrasound and appointment to check on how our baby is doing since all the scares at 18 weeks. // Read the last update here! \\ Baby Augustyniak is in the 65th percentile with all of her measurements, meaning she is having no problem getting nutrients with the umbilical cord/placenta fiasco. Also, the subchorionic hemorrhage is gone! Hallelujah!!! After being on pelvic rest since 5 weeks, it was such a big relief!!!!!!!!! At 19 weeks is when we got the skewed AFP which is what they test for spina bifida. They checked the spine again, everything looked good. They think it must of just been a false alarm with that test. The specialist said with all of this great news on how she is doing, we don't need to worry more than a normal pregnancy. What a relief! This past Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I had my first workout after not being able to workout for the last 7 months. Man, did that feel nice! Of course, I went very slow and very easy. It just felt good to be able to do something again!

Anyways, here are the bump photos! Can't believe how big I am getting! Also can't believe she will be here in like 10 weeks! Unbelievable! We couldn't be more excited!!!!! 

Max, the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who on Halloween!

That is all for this update! I will have more soon, and once the nursery is all finished you'll get to see it! I have had so much fun making it perfect for her! // Best friend t-shirts can be purchased here! \\