Saturday, October 19, 2013

I mustache you...

Of course if the girls were going to be asked in a cute way to be my bridesmaids, I had to have Andrew ask the guys! I got this idea from a few different things on Pinterest then made it my own. Wedding Chicks is where I got the "I mustache you" label from. Since I was going to be putting it on a bottle, I needed it to stick, so I ordered labels from Online Labels in the waterproof matte inkjet. I wanted to personalize each bottle so I picked a cool font (Rio Grande) and wrote each person's name on the template with CS5. Andrew's bottle I did a custom label myself, so that his was different! Then I ordered the flasks from The Hair of the Dog etsy shop. They don't have the exact one we ordered, but this is the closet one to it! I absolutely love how these came out, they couldn't of been better! The guys loved them!

Here are photos of Andrew giving them to the groomsmen!

P.S. We had a photo with Doug, but apparently I have terrible luck with photos, because my brothers dog ate the memory stick so I couldn't recover the photo of Andrew and Doug!

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