Saturday, October 12, 2013

Engagement Photos

WOOHOO! It was finally time for engagement photos! I couldn't wait for this day to come! We hired the wonderful Cami Parker to take our photos and she is absolutely amazing! 

We got up awfully early to get ready for this shoot. I think I was awake at 3:30am so we could be at the shoot by 5:45am! All of the planning for outfits was fun, I mean who doesn't like shopping for new outfits?!? It was hard trying to get them to coordinate only a little. They couldn't coordinate too much, and they couldn't not coordinate at all. They had to coordinate just enough! We were so happy with the way they turned out! We couldn't have asked for better photos to capture this wonderful time in our lives!

   Enjoy the photos!

Photo Credit: Cami Takes Photos


  1. Just stopping by as I saw one of your engagement photos on Pinterest and they are absolutely beautiful! I featured the one on my Wedding Wednesday post (hope you don't mind, I linked it back to you!) Debating on if we want to take engagement photos, and if we did I hope they turn out as perfect as yours!

    1. Aw Thank you Raquel!!! I definitely do not mind, thank you for featuring it! You should definitely do it! All these experiences are once in a lifetime! Yes, they can be exhausting, involve lots of planning, and cost lots of money, but they are so worth it! I have had to remind myself through this process that I will never get this opportunity of RIGHT NOW again if I do not take it I might regret it and wish I did it. You are so sweet! Thank you!