Friday, September 6, 2013

Building Our Home

Andrew and I have known we wanted to share our lives together for some time now. Andrew moved back from Reno 3 years ago this summer and after he moved back we wanted to find a apartment together. Sometimes things happen, and you have ideas, but to put them in motion it takes a lot more than just an action. Andrew was trying to make it as a Pro Golfer and I was working for my dad. Andrew worked at Spaghetti Factory when he wasn't golfing but there was really not enough income to live on our own with. We also decided it was better for our relationship to wait a little bit longer until we dated and lived in the same state together than jumping right into an apartment together as well. *We had been long distance for the first 2 years of our relationship.* The apartment thing didn't happen because we also decided why waste money on monthly rent when we can save more money and wait until we can buy a condo.

Andrew started doing CrossFit as a coach and as a athlete, as well as starting in the mortgage business. He made a decision that he didn't want to waste his life by trying to get on the PGA tour when such a minute group of people actually make it. With the PGA tour, you really don't just have to have skill, you also have to be loaded or know people who are or your chances are even slimmer than before. 

Shortly after Andrew decided to give up his golf dream and start a career dream, we started searching for a condo. We realized we could wait a little bit longer and save a little bit more and we then could afford a house with a yard for our neurotic puppy and not just a condo with no yard. By this time it is now two years after he moved back from Reno, and we start slowly looking for houses. We narrowed what we wanted down and decided if we could make it work, it would be AWESOME to build our own home. For that to happen, the location had to be right, the price had to be right; pretty much we needed a miracle in order to have our wildest dreams come true.

Well people, God blessed us with a miracle! On October 13, 2012 we signed for our house to be built in Gilbert! Such a happy day! We were both so excited but so nervous! I remember when we pulled into the parking lot of the model homes and it was time to go inside and start signing papers, Andrew turned the car off and looked at me with question marks in his eyes. I looked back at him with the same amount of question marks in mine, and I said, "Are you sure we should do this? Are you sure we can do this?". 

With life, no matter where you are or what your doing you will always have an "are you sure I am ready for this" feeling. You will never be 100% ready for any big decision or big change in your life. It would be unrealistic to think that you could be 100% carefree without one little question in your mind of "Can I do this?". With that being said, if the numbers show you can do it, leave the doubting behind. Don't let that hold you back from living. 

Signing for the house to be built!

Us on our lot!

Putting our sold pin down!

Picking cabinets, flooring and granite out. (We changed our granite)

Picking out our granite slabs!

Me in front of kitchen island in multiple stages


*I would totally have many more photos to post, and better photos at that, but when I was transferring photos from my phone to my computer my dog unplugged the thing and it erased about 5 months worth of photos. I am still crushed over it.

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