Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Home Becomes OUR Home

We signed final papers for our house on March 4, 2013 and we got our keys on the 5th of March. Here are some photos of the day we got our keys.
Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

 My ring looking beautiful!!!

 Dinning Room

Andrew's office (Bedroom 1)


Two more bedrooms and the hallway to them

Laundry Room

Pocket Office (My Office)

Hallway from front door

Half Bath 

From kitchen to front door

Living Room

My beautiful kitchen!!!!

Photo in the living room

The house is ours!!! 

 Andrew signing for keys

Oh Happy Day!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Things First

March 3, 2013

I had dated Andrew for almost 3 years 9 months by the time we were going to be signing final papers and moving into our house. After two weeks of dating him, I knew I was going to marry him. We took our time...obviously...not my choice, but there are two people in a relationship right?!? I really wanted to be married by the time I lived with somebody, but the way life works, is it doesn't always work out as planned. When life doesn't go as planned you compromised with what you are given. With everything that was going on with me and trying to fully cure myself from my anxiety issues, it was best we moved in now instead of later. I decided that I would move in with Andrew if we were at least engaged. Even though buying a house, let alone building a house means two people are pretty secure in a relationship, I still needed to be engaged in order for me to feel comfortable with it. There were plenty of times during the building period where I thought Andrew was going to propose. Andrew joked I could write a book called, 101 Ways to Propose because of all the elaborate ways I thought he was proposing all the times he really wasn't. He also would throw me off even more by getting down on one knee as a joke as much as he could and boy did he think that was hilarious! We would be going up stairs, at JC Penney's, Target, my parents house, there were plenty of places he tried that at. My heart would stop for a second until he started laughing or getting back up from his knee. As the day we get our house continued to get closer and closer, there was still no ring on my finger and I was starting to wonder if I will be moving out and into our house or not. Waiting was TERRIBLE. I texted my friends Kathleen & Jade so many nights concerned that it wasn't going to happen. Jade asked me to take photos of her in her nursing outfit because she had just graduated and her grandma wanted a photo to hang on her wall. I scheduled it about 3 weeks out and didn't think anything of it. On the day of photos, Jade told me that she wanted to take a photo with me, so I got more ready than I was planning on originally. Andrew came with me like he always does, and we started to take some photos. 

This is my beautiful friend Jade!

Jade then asked if she could test out my camera because she was thinking of getting one herself, and that she wanted to take a photo of me and Andrew.

Andrew was patiently waiting for me to set up the camera for Jade.
Low and behold, Andrew wasn't there just to watch me take photos of Jade. He had a different purpose...

The fist is because I didn't know this was real. There was that split second I wanted to hit him because I thought he was playing around like he had multiple times until he pulled out the ring. The whole time I was in shock, I still kept repeating, "Are you for real?" "Is this for real?" "Is that real?" I was caught so off guard (which is really hard to do to me).

"Will you marry me?!"

I said, "Of course!"

(I would of hugged him back if I wasn't still in shock!!!)

Realizing how beautiful the ring is 


 He purposely wore a shirt to match my nails! How cute huh?!?

Can't stop looking at it!!!

The two people who pulled off the surprise!!!

We had already planned for my mom and family to come look at our house that day but it turned out to be surprising them that we got engaged!!!!

Excited cousins!

Bailey calling her boyfriend to tell him!

Showing Chelsea!

Showing Andrew's parents

 Newly engaged with our new house!

*I did show my dad, I believe there is a video but it might of been deleted when my phone decided to delete 5 months out of it.